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October 4th, 2010

09:38 am - Sorrow
We got up to a heartbreaking phone call yesterday morning.

My sister-in-law and her husband lost their daughter, Amelia Jane, to late-term intra-uterine fetal demise. She was to have been delivered by scheduled C-section on October 15.

There is no word on what might have caused this. Her parents are, as you might have guessed, devastated.
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June 21st, 2010

11:58 am - Duckon Feedback Sought
The Attendee Feedback Session at Duckon this year was scheduled at 11 AM on Sunday, which was at the same time as the Toyboat concert. Because this may have prevented you from sharing your thoughts with the convention committee, janmagic and I would like to hear from you!

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, requests, or ideas for the future, I invite you to email them to us. The best address to use for this is filk at; however, this is a paid journal, so mail to this username will also reach me.

Please do share a copy of your feedback with the convention administration. The relevant addresses are "chair" (current convention chairperson), "board" (board of directors of our parent organization, SuperConDuckTivity), and "feedback" (address for general feedback). All addresses are Copying your feedback to the convention administration serves two purposes: it lets the administration know how important the filk track is to your Duckon attendance and experience, and it makes sure that the convention administration is aware of any difficulties, especially those that need to be solved at a higher level or that involve other departments as well as ours.

If you shared feedback with us via the comment box in the filk room, please consider saying it again electronically, so a copy can go to the convention administration as listed above.

Sharing and/or pointing to this post is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. I know that not all the attendees, or even all the filk attendees, read this journal, and we'd like to hear from as many people as possible.

Finally, I'd like to thank all the people who come to, or even talk about, Duckon Filk. janmagic and I work hard, but we wouldn't have a track if our friends didn't come to filk with us.

Duckon Filk Second
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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June 20th, 2010

02:27 pm - Live from Duckon
In Tom Smith's concert. He's singing the phone book.

Yes. Literally. janmagic is flipping through the local phone book and Tom is singing what he sees.

Next up: Starlight and Saxophone, with shadowriderhope on tenor saxophone
Current Location: Naper Ballroom 3
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Tom singing the phone book

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May 28th, 2010

07:44 pm - Laugh of the Day
I wish I'd gotten a photo of this, but I was busy driving.

I pulled up behind an Infiniti sedan this afternoon, with a license plate frame reiterating the INFINITI identification.

The license plate?


I laughed hysterically...
Current Mood: amusedamused

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April 13th, 2010

10:40 pm - Moving, again
A few move-related items:

  1. We are renting a truck and doing as much of the moving as possible on this Saturday, April 17. Any help offered will be gratefully appreciated. We'll probably be at it most or all of the day, starting at 8ish when we pick up the truck - if you're only available for part of the day, that's fine. If you aren't up to carrying heavy objects, don't worry, we'll find something for you to help with.

    I, and several of the people who have already talked to me, will be breaking at 1 PM for a Musecon meeting. However, anach isn't involved in Musecon, and so either work will continue, or that will become the de facto lunch break, or both.

    Kids old enough to contribute are absolutely welcome! Kids old enough to be parked in a corner and left to entertain themselves likewise. Kids who will require close supervision and/or wrangling are, if at all possible, more helpful by their absence than their presence.

    The space being vacated is no-pet, no-smoking, many-books, double-plus-dusty. If you have allergies, please take that into account.

    If you are available and willing to help:
    A) Thank you!
    B) Please contact me for location information. If you already have an email address for me, use that; otherwise, this is a paid account and email sent to will also reach me.
    C) Please let me know any preferences/needs in beverages (for during the move) and food (for after)

  2. If you would like the complete set of Babylon 5 on VHS (recorded from television), speak now. Otherwise, it's going to be recycled.

Current Mood: rushedrushed

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March 21st, 2010

12:30 pm - On the move! Also, questions
As it happens, anach and I are about to move (aigh!). Basically, we currently live in an apartment above a storefront. The owner of the building wants to convert this space back to commercial use and use it in his own personal business. Therefore, moving.

Pursuant to that, I have some questions that I'd like to throw open, to see if anyone has any helpful ideas or comments.
  • Electronics to dispose of. We have several broken and/or antique pieces of electronics hardware that we'd just as soon not move. This includes a (tube) TV, a broken DVD player, a broken Playstation (first gen PS-1), a semi-broken multifunction color inkjet printer (still prints but won't scan) and a vintage 1996 Macintosh laptop with dock and 17" external monitor.
    1. If anyone wants any of these items, to play with, dissect, scavenge for parts, they're all yours. [TV and monitor will only go for dissection to people I know have enough experience with electricity to do so safely.]
    2. Electronics recycling. I'm willing to pay (although obviously free is my favorite), but I'm not willing to wait for any local municipal recycling day - I plan to move these items once, from the current location to their final disposition. We're in the West Chicago suburbs.
    3. Any other options. Unfortunately, all the items are too old or too broken to be worth donating to anyplace for refurb/resale.
  • I have a lot of old videotapes (mostly with recorded TV shows that have since come out on DVD) that also need to be recycled, donated, or otherwise disposed of. Ideas welcome. (Also, I have a complete set of Babylon 5 on DVD, lovingly recorded by quaryn_dk. I've got it all on DVD now, but if anyone wants the videotapes, let me know.)
  • Bookshelves to be built. I'd like to build a set of Mobile Aisle bookshelves for the paperback collection. (That's the sort where you have n bookcases, but only one aisle, and you move the cases so that the aisle is where you need it to be.) Anyone who's willing to talk to me about construction techniques, pitfalls, etc (including listening to my rough idea and telling me I'm crazy and it won't work because of $reason), any/all help is appreciated! Unfortunately, all the manufacturers for already-built sets are aimed at institutions much larger and better-funded than my private collection.(NB:asking mostly for general engineering and construction help, not detailed blueprints or trade secrets)
  • Shredding services. I have a fair amount of old paperwork to get rid of, including (embarrassingly) boxes of papers that I moved from Cleveland in 1999. Since these papers include bank statements (albeit to accounts long since closed) and other financial documents, I'd prefer to have the papers destroyed rather than just going out in the trash. I would also really prefer not to sit here with my home-grade shredder feeding it sheet by sheet by sheet (both from lack of time and lack of interest). I'm going to start calling around to accredited document-destruction outfits, and find out how much they would want to throw a box or two into the hopper of their industrial shredders, but if anyone has any recommendations I'm happy to hear them.

There will probably be a desperate plea for physical help moving at some point, once we're sure of where we're going and when. (If everything goes as currently planned [ha!], it would be the weekend after FKO, which is April 17-18. Because unexpected move or not, we're going to FKO, dammit! Mailed our pre-reg and everything!)

Please note: This is a PUBLIC POST. If you know anyone not on my FL who might be able to contribute ideas, or who wants any of the donate-for-dissection items, send 'em over!
Current Mood: hyperfrantic

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July 29th, 2009

09:51 pm - It's madrobins' fault...
She (re)posted a link to the the Unitarian Jihad Name Generator.

Apparently, I am Mother Superior Electric Chair of Understanding.

...I will teach you, and you will understand until your brain is crispy and smoke comes out of your ears! </maniacal_laughter>

Yeah, that works.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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March 23rd, 2009

01:28 pm - Hey, Riverfolk...
Yellow Dog, stuck high in the apple tree...Collapse )
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February 2nd, 2009

11:44 am - Paging parents, babysitters, etc...
Presenting... the Story Of Your Life

LOLGraph behind cutCollapse )
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December 22nd, 2008

09:46 pm - Memo
To: Lower Respiratory Tract Mucosa
From: Me
Re: Seasonal Activity

There is no need whatsoever for you to join the viral festivities currently underway amongst your craniad brethren (otherwise known as the upper respiratory tract mucosa). Your application for a party permit has been denied; no appeal is possible. Your preparation and banking of phlegm, apparently in anticipation of permit approval, is illegal and must be ceased at once.
Current Mood: sicksick

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